Services Offered by Sylvan Circle

The clergy of Sylvan Circle are happy to offer the same kind of spiritual services, support, and guidance to our local Wiccan and Pagan-friendly community as others might expect from any spiritual group, church, or synagogue.

For more details about the services described here -- or to inquire about other services not explicitly mentioned -- please email our scribe at so that your request may be routed to the appropriate coven member.

Handfastings and Weddings

A Wiccan wedding is traditionally referred to as a handfasting -- a rite in which the God and Goddess bless the sacred union of two people. A Traditional Wiccan handfasting is performed by a Priestess and a Priest within a formally cast Circle (which includes cleansing and blessing the space, calling the Quarters, etc).

The word "handfasting" originates from the custom of binding the bride's and groom's hands together with cords, which is generally a traditional part of the ceremony. Though there are a number of different traditions -- such as jumping over a broom together or sipping wine from the same cup -- that may or may not be included in the ceremony, depending on the couple's wishes.

Handfasting is the marriage rite that is used by many neo-Pagans and Wiccans who seek to have a marriage ceremony that is not associated with a church, yet is more spiritual than a ceremony conducted by a justice of the peace.

For those who are not "out of the broom closet" to their families and friends -- but who still want a spiritual ceremony -- the clergy of Sylvan Circle have also become rather adept at performing wedding ceremonies which include Earth religion based themes recognizable to those in the know, but are not overtly obvious or jangling to those with more conservative perspectives. (In other words, yes, that means we'll keep the goat sacrifices to a bare minimum. ;-)

Lesbian and Gay Weddings Too!

And of course, with the passage of Question 6 making same-sex marriage in Maryland legal, all of the above also applies to lesbian or gay couples who may be interested in having a Wiccan Handfasting or Pagan-flavored wedding ceremony as well!

Some churches and other spiritual centers may be somewhat conflicted about the question of handling same-sex marriages. We would like to assure you that the membership of Sylvan Circle IS NOT. We've always been very pro-GLBT rights and are delighted that -- in addition to the spiritual ceremonies for lesbian and gay couples we've always been willing to perform -- we are now also able to perform the state-recognized function of marriage as well!

So we'll be very happy to do all we can to make your special day everything it should be!


Each member of Sylvan Circle practices some form or another of divination (typically either runes or tarot). Some members have done so professionally.

So if you're facing a major decision, struggling with an issue, or just generally seeking some spiritual guidance... a reading may very well be the answer to shedding some light on your situation.

If you're interested in having a reading done for you, please feel free to contact the coven scribe or the coven member directly (if you already know whom you would prefer to get the reading from) for more details.

Other Services

Here are a few more spiritual services Sylvan Circle has been called on to perform in the past:

  • Funerals
  • Baby Blessings
  • Pet and Animal Blessings
  • House Blessings

So again, if you are interested in any spiritual service we may be able to provide, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss details.