The Coven

Our Beliefs

Here is a summary of the core beliefs of Sylvan Circle as a Reformed Celtic Traditional Wiccan coven:

  • Wicca is a religion based on nature. We believe nature is our greatest teacher.

  • Since we observe the duality of male and female in nature, we also honor this duality in our Deities. We worship both the Goddess and the God.

  • Though our Tradition is Celtic in origin, we do not restrict our dealings only to Celtic Gods and Goddesses. We celebrate Goddesses and Gods from many different pantheons and with many different faces.

  • We communicate and and work with many other types of friendly spirits. These include Elementals, Devas, Dryads, Faeries, as well as our Ancestral Dead.

  • As a nature religion, we celebrate changes in the seasons and movements of the sun through the heavens. These are our eight Sabbats. Sometimes these celebrations are closed to members only -- at other times, they are open to our students (current and former) and their families as well as invited guests.

  • We also celebrate the thirteen full moons of the year in our Esbats. These are typically for coven members only.

  • We believe in Karma -- that whatever you send out will be returned to you (either in this life or a future life).

  • We believe in Divination or Psychism -- that it's possible for us to tap into resources of knowledge that otherwise would not be known to us by mundane means.

  • We believe in and engage in Spellecraft to bring about the changes we wish to see in ourselves or the world around us.

  • We believe in the guiding principle of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

To learn more about our beliefs, please refer to our articles on Wicca. Or we also encourage you to attend one of our Intro to Wicca classes.

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