Our By-laws


The Membership

4.6 Membership Standards of Conduct

4.6.1 All members shall abide by the Code of Honor, these bylaws, and the vows freely taken by themselves.

4.6.2 No member, student, or candidate shall ever be required to perform or submit to sexual acts as a condition of receiving teachings, initiations, elevations, or any other benefit, nor shall one be required to witness sexual acts, nor to broker sexual services, nor to acquiesce to the sharing of a spouse or sexual partner.

4.6.3 No member shall infringe upon the Constitutional rights of any member, student or candidate.

4.6.4 In all matters, members shall ever strive to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner and in keeping with that which they were taught and that which they teach.

4.6.5 No member shall ever intentionally lie or distort information to another member, student, or candidate with the object of harming, exploiting, or otherwise taking advantage of that person. A Witch's word is his or her bond. If a promise cannot be kept, members shall not make such a promise.


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