Our By-laws


The Membership

4.7 Associate Membership

4.7.1 An associate is reserved for those close to the heart of Sylvan Circle who live at such a distance that they cannot attend required coven functions.

4.7.2 Associate member status is granted by unanimous decision of the coven.

4.7.3 An associate is free to attend all coven functions.

4.7.4 An associate retains all the rights of a member, with the following exceptions: Holding office within the coven, or Decision making within the coven. The immediately preceding exclusions do not prohibit solicitation and consideration of the input and opinion of associates on any matter before SC.

4.7.5 Associate members must remain in contact with the coven by attending at least one meeting, ritual or workshop within a three year period, or by providing a workshop for the coven within a three year period. Attendance may include in-person, or via live streaming communication such as Zoom when and where appropriate.

4.7.6 If the attendance requirements listed in this section can not be, or are not met, then the associate membership is forfeited, and the coven cords in the possession of the former member must be returned immediately, either intact or unbraided.

4.7.7 If a change of residence allows an associate member in good standing to fulfill regular membership obligations, the associate membership will commute to full membership within the coven, and the member will have all rights of full membership restored.

4.7.8 If an associate member who has let their membership status lapse wishes to petition to re-join the coven, then all processes and procedures of section 4.1 for a traditional initiated witch must be followed.

4.7.9 Any associate member of the coven who became an associate before Jan 30, 2021, shall be exempt from the attendance rules in this section (4.7.5,, and 4.7.6).


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