Nature: The Perfect Teacher

  • Gwydion, High Priest

Wicca is based upon wisdom gleaned from personal observations, experiences, and understandings derived from observing nature.

Sylvan Circle firmly believes that Nature is the perfect teacher. We believe that when you have questions about yourself or your place in the universe or how things work, the best answers can generally be found by looking for explanations in Nature.

Nature is our sacred temple. This is the place we worship.

Wiccan holidays called Sabbats are also based on major changes in nature, whether that be major astronomical events (like solstices or equinoxes) or major agricultural events (like the time to sow, the time to harvest, time to cull the livestock, etc).

Likewise the other major time Wiccans come together to do workings - Esbats - are also based on a major change in Nature: in this case, the time when the moon is full.

These are the times considered most holy and worthy of celebration for Wiccans.

And within the great landscape of Nature, Wiccans believe that everything is tied together in the web of life. All things are connected. People, animals, trees, sunshine, rain. Even Gods.