Our By-laws


The Secretary

3.1 Responsibilities of the Secretary

3.1.1 Every group will inevitably receive correspondence and requests for classes. For this reason, there needs to be a person who is charged with answering correspondence and questions about the group, and chairing meetings.

3.1.2 The Secretary represents The Coven to all outsiders and is responsible for responding to all inquiries, written or otherwise. The secretary chairs all meetings, and takes notes at meetings.

3.1.3 Though not required, it is strongly urged that the Secretary periodically check in with the membership to ensure that they are adequately representing The Coven and not just their own opinions.

3.1.4 The term of office shall be a period of twelve months beginning at or around the Sabbat of Spring Equinox (March 21st). One person can not hold the position for more than two consecutive terms.

3.1.5 The Secretary is a volunteer position answering to the membership and the Secretary can also hold the position of Trustee concurrently, but the Secretary does not need to be a Trustee.

3.1.6 Volunteers should be sought by the Trustees at the annual meeting at or around Imbolc (Feb 2nd).

3.1.7 If more than one member volunteers for a given term, the volunteers will work out between themselves who will serve the next term with the remaining volunteers being pre-assigned for subsequent terms.

3.1.8 If the volunteers are unable to work out an amenable solution, the membership will vote for their choice of Secretary with a simple majority determining the appointee.

3.1.9 Once the Secretary for the coming term has been determined, the new Secretary must confer with the current Secretary in order to be briefed on current practices and pending needs of the position. Any significant changes desired by the new Secretary must be brought for approval to the Trustees.

3.1.10 The Secretary will keep on file copies of all incoming or outgoing correspondence, and will report significant correspondence at business meetings.

3.1.11 The business files, and all correspondence are property of the Coven.

3.2 Removal of the Secretary

3.2.1 If the Secretary has so violated the trust of the membership as to make some or all uncomfortable with the Secretary retaining his/her position, any of the membership may make a Motion to Recall. Motion to recall can only be can not be made until disputes resolution has been attempted.

3.2.2 If such a motion is made, a time and date for the meeting to vote on the motion is set. All members must be notified at least 1 week in advance of the meeting.

3.2.3 At the time of the meeting, at least 67% of the membership must be present, either in person or by written proxy.

3.2.4 To recall the Secretary, a simple majority of those present must agree by means of their vote to remove the Secretary. If the majority does not vote to recall the Secretary, the Secretary retains his/her position, but is urged to look at the concerns of the membership and do her/his utmost to address their concerns and regain their faith.

3.2.5 Removal or resignation of the Secretary in no way affects their status as members of The Coven.


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