Earth Day

  • Lady Aurora, High Priestess of Sylvan Circle


We Worship Mother Earth

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.

As Wiccans, we care about the Earth with a strength and immediacy which our society does not necessarily always possess.

Others may love the Earth, but WE worship the Earth.

The Earth is central to our spiritual and religious practices; our holidays revolve around Earth's cycles, and the cycles of sun and moon which affect the environment all around us. Appreciating the Earth is an integral part of our day-to-day spiritual lives. Designating one day to recognize the Earth's importance and care for it is all well and good for others, but Wiccans care for and honor the Earth on an ongoing basis.

In addition to our esbat and Sabbat celebrations, here are some things we can do for the environment throughout the year:

For some of the latest information about our endangered environment, watch "An Inconvenient Truth".