Sylvan Circle Workshops

There are currently no workshops scheduled to be offered.

Note that most workshops offered by Sylvan Circle tend to be only available to members, Sylvan Circle students (current or former), or specially invited guests.

We periodically also sponsor workshops offered by Wiccan Elders visiting the Columbia MD area.

Other Recommended Workshops

Tarot Classes by Lady Trivia of KAM

Lady Trivia is a tarot reader with about 30 years of experience. She is one of the best tarot readers we have ever experienced. If you have an interest in exploring tarot, we encourage you to talk with her, attend her workshops, get readings from her, etc.

Her workshops are generally held at:
Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons
927B West 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
Price: $5

We're currently not aware of any upcoming scheduled workshops by Lady Trivia, but we also don't always get a great deal of advance notice prior to one of these events. We suggest that you visit or contact Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons for more details.