Expectations of Members

At our 2021 Annual Business Meeting, it was agreed that we should establish some agreed upon informal guidelines about expectations for members that are not as rigid as the By-Laws. These guidelines also provide some additional verbiage that help explain the thinking underlying by-laws.

It's hoped that these guidelines will help foster common understanding between members about broad strokes of expectations held by the coven. And that these expectations can be discussed and revisited less formally as needed.

Priority of Events

While it would be ideal for all members to attend all coven events, we understand that is not practical at all times. We all have moments when we have to pick and choose between priorities.

Some coven events are more important than others and carry a higher expectation of attendance. So to assist in understanding importance placed on events, the following lists coven events ranging from highest priority (e.g. "you need to attend, except in case of emergency") to lowest ("no biggie if you miss this"):

  1. Initiations, elevations
  2. Any event that you yourself are leading/hosting/teaching
  3. Annual business meeting
  4. Sabbats
  5. Clergy meetings or crisis-level meetings
  6. Esbats
  7. Ad hoc meetings
  8. Cleanups, Earth Day
  9. Workshops
  10. Social events with the coven


We will reply to emails as soon as able. Some of us check daily, but others are unable to. It was decided that One Week be the limit for responding to emails We want everyone to be a part of the discussion. Allowing a full week will ensure enough time to enable a full and thoughtful response.

If something is deemed Urgent it will be noted in the Subject Line along with an acceptable reply by date.

While it was noted that a variety of forms exist to alert someone to a need for their attention; it was decided that Sylvan Circle email is the only form we need use for any and all Coven business.


No Zoom in Temple Space. Nor any Ritual where a Circle is cast.

Dinner Esbats may be Zoomed at the discretion of the events HPS/HP.

Some portions of Sabbats, not in Circle, may be Zoomed for Associate Members, such as joke telling at Beltane. This would be at the discretion of the events HPS/HP.

As everyone will be attending the Annual Business Meeting, unless something extreme has happened, there is no need to Zoom. In the case of something extreme having prevented a Member from attending, that Member would be permitted to Zoom in. In the event the absent Member is unable to Zoom in, anything requiring consensus will be tabled until a later date at which all members are present and able to have a voice.

Proxy Voting

It has been determined that proxy voting be rejected. This is to allow all Members a chance to hear, and engage in dialogue. A vote that has been logged prior to discussion is fixed and unmoving, unable to be swayed, or to generate alternative solutions through group brainstorming.

Please note however that there is an exception where proxy voting is explicitly allowed in the by-laws for Removal of a Member


Emergencies are always understood, but if its not an emergency, then 3 absences are permitted a year. That is in total for both Esbats and Sabbats, not three of each. Please refer to the "Priority of Events" section on this page.

Keeping in mind that the general rule is you attend everything. Realistically it was agreed that sometimes that is impossible. Imbolc is to be missed only in an emergency. Lammas is a bit more flexible, but not much.

If mentoring concerning attendance is required it will only be carried out by the HP, in private.

Doubling Up Events

It was recognized as beneficial to double up events where possible. At future Annual Business Meetings we will keep this in mind.

Scheduling clean-ups on the same day as an Esbat is thought to be OK. Workshops on the the same day as an Esbat were thought to be too much.