Our By-laws


Board of Trustees

2.1 Formation

2.1.1 The core group will be 4 individuals who hold offices within the corporate structure.

2.1.2 Corporate titles for these individuals are "TRUSTEE".

2.1.3 The Trustees are responsible for the execution of all corporate needs and management of fiscal responsibilities of The Coven.

2.1.4 The Trustees, as a group, bestow legal clergy rights and privileges on members of sufficient rank and merit.

2.1.5 The Trustees, as a group, may bestow these same clergy rights on a limited basis to those of merit but who have not yet gained the rank necessary to carry them indefinitely.

2.2 Term of Office

2.2.1 The Trustees are set at the formation of this body and there is no set term of office.

2.2.2 The position of Trustee conveys a great deal of responsibility and may require more time than can be given by an individual. For this reason, a Trustee who finds her/himself without sufficient time and/or energy to fulfill his/her position may take a hiatus of up to six months and still retain his/her position as Trustee. If a trustee takes a hiatus, the membership may choose from among the volunteers from the membership one of merit to fill the role and responsibilities of the missing Trustee, on the understanding that it is only a temporary position. If the remaining Trustees can effectively handle the work of the missing Trustee, they do not need to seek a replacement for the one on hiatus. If after six months, the missing Trustee still feels unable to fulfill his/her responsibility as Trustee, s/he will no longer be considered a Trustee and may be replaced. Elections will then be held to elect a new Trustee from among the membership. This new Trustee will have the same rights and responsibilities as the other Trustees, including no set term of office.

2.3 Removal of a Trustee

2.3.1 If the Trustee has so violated the trust of the membership as to make some or all uncomfortable with the Trustee retaining their position, any of the membership may make a Motion to Recall. Motion to recall can not be made until dispute resolution has been attempted.

2.3.2 If such a motion is made, a meeting date must be set and communicated to all members at least 1 week prior to the meeting date. This is necessary as all members are encouraged to participate.

2.3.3 At least 67% of the membership must be present (in person or by written proxy) at the time of the vote.

2.3.4 To recall a Trustee at least 60% of those present must agree by means of their vote to remove the Trustee. If less than 60% vote for the recall, the Trustee maintains his/her position, but is urged to look at the concerns of the membership and do her/his utmost to address the concerns and regain good faith.

2.3.5 Removal or resignation from the Board of Trustees in no way affects their status as members of The Coven.

2.4 Additional Trustees

2.4.1 If at some point the Trustees determine that there is a need for additional Trustees to meet the functional needs of the Board of Trustees, they may call for volunteers from within the membership to fill the new vacancy(ies).

2.4.2 The consensually accepted Trustee(s) have the same rights and responsibilities as the standing Trustees, including no set term of office.

2.5 Removal of Additional Trustee Position(s)

2.5.1 If it comes to pass that an established Trustee position goes vacant, either due to lack of membership or lack of interest, for a period of nine months or more, that position is removed from the structure and can only be reinstated by means outlined previously.


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