The Coven

Our Tradition

Any coven or Wiccan path that calls itself Traditional (with the capital "T") should be able to trace it's initiatory line back to an acknowledged founder and pioneer of Wicca. In other words, only Traditional initiates can make new Traditional initiates.

For most Wiccan paths, this lineage is traced through initiating High Priestesses (HPS). At Sylvan Circle we trace our lineage through Lady Aurora from Lady Alexandria Foxmoore.

While Sylvan Circle's teaching and training of initiates is still rooted firmly in the Tradition that has been handed down to us -- and for which we greatly appreciate, respect, and honor our Elders and all they have done for us -- we have chosen to build further upon the foundation they have given us to create something new and different.

Sylvan Circle is a Traditional Wiccan coven of equals. The founding members of Sylvan Circle were all clergy (second and third degrees) trained and initiated in Traditional Celtic Wicca. In forming the coven, the members acknowledged the importance of every member to the vision and establishment of a family coven.

The founders of Sylvan Circle chose to eschew power-over tendencies in Traditional Wicca by letting go of the hierarchical structure and empowering all in the creation and maintenance of the coven vision. They put their teachings and experiences to use within an egalitarian structure that allows for diversity, creativity, freedom and respect.

We call this Tradition “Reformed Traditional Wicca” or “Reformed Celtic Tradition”.

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