Our By-laws


Code of Honor

5.1 To consider your word sacred.

5.2 To love all things in nature.

5.3 To respect all paths to the center.

5.4 To honor Deity in it's many manifestations.

5.5 To abstain from harm when possible, pursuing resolution over conflict.

5.6 To share the Truths of the Wiccae only when authorized by Wiccan clergy.

5.7 To have the courage to stand firm in your convictions, ever taking counsel of your Highest Self.

5.8 At all times, to do the very best you can.

6.0 Dispute Resolution

6.1 There will inevitably be disputes among the membership, and possibly there will be concern about the performance of Trustee or Secretary duties. As spiritual beings, we understand that frequently a dispute and its resolution reside within our own selves. Members are encouraged to look within for a resolution before pursuing any further conflict resolution.

6.2 All such disputes which one cannot resolve through inner exploration should be discussed with those directly involved.

6.2 If resolution is not found personally, nor through discussion with the party(s) in the dispute, then the dispute or issue should be brought to The Clergy for resolution.


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