Our By-laws


The Membership

4.1 Formation

4.1.1 Membership is voluntary and any may choose to terminate their association at any time.

4.1.2 The membership is composed of traditionally initiated Wiccans, initiated or aligned into the Reformed Celtic Tradition.

4.1.3 Membership is by invitation or initiation into The Coven.

4.1.4 When a member wishes for an invitation to be offered to a Wiccan, he/she presents to the membership at a meeting whom he/she wishes to join The Coven and why.

4.1.4 A [New - Feb 2017] Traditionally Initiated Wiccan who seeks membership into the coven may make a formal petition for membership after attending no less than two coven events, though more time is recommended so we may get to know each other better.

4.1.5 [Changed - Feb 2017] If agreed upon by all members of the coven, an interview will be scheduled to ensure that training, theology, beliefs, etc, are in alignment with that of the Coven.The presenting member may be questioned by the membership regarding the merit of the person they propose.

4.1.6 [Changed - Feb 2017] If after the interview, Petitioner and Coven are in agreement to move forward, the Petitioner shall be invited to an Esbat.After all questions have been asked by the membership, a vote will be held regarding whether an invitation should be issued by The Coven, with a consensus determining the outcome.

4.1.7 [New - Feb 2017] After the Esbat, a vote will be taken by the coven as to whether an invitation should be extended, with consensus determining the outcome.

4.1.8 If the perspective member accepts the invitation to join, a Joining Ceremony will be scheduled. All members are strongly urged to make every attempt to attend this ceremony.

4.1.9 A Candidate who is not of at least the First Degree or higher requesting initiation into The Coven must ask a member for initiation.

4.1.10 Members receiving petitions for initiation will bring them immediately to the membership body, which will decide by consensus whether to accept the candidate. The Coven will not initiate anyone under 18 years of age.

4.1.11 Petitioners accepted for initiation must complete all initiatory tasks including the initiation ceremony before membership is conveyed.

4.1.12 Please note that initiations performed by The Coven or by its membership do not automatically convey membership to the new initiate, unless previously discussed with the membership and agreed upon.

4.1.13 If there is a termination of membership for any reason, the former member must immediately return their coven cords intact, braided or unbraided


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