Spring Equinox Jelly Bean Ritual

Celebrating Spring Equinox: The Jelly Bean Ritual

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings. It's a time to plant seeds for what we want to harvest later in the year. And at Sylvan Circle's 2012 Spring Equinox celebration, these seeds came in the form of jelly beans!

Shirie -- a Priestess of Sylvan Circle and hostess of this year's Spring Eq celebration -- led us in a new opening ritual.

"Today we gather to celebrate Ostara - the arrival of spring," she said. "Tuesday was the actual day and during that day the light and dark was in perfect balance. From that day forward, the light is overtaking the dark."

"Spring Equinox is a time of the renewal and rebirth of nature herself. We can look around us and see trees are getting green, flowers are blooming, animals are out and about playing, the weather is pretty, it doesn't get dark so early, and there are lots of pregnant creatures running around."

"While the earth is beginning to wake up from her slumber, we may also feel as though we have a lot more energy. Which is rightly so -- we survived the long dark months!"

"This is the time we think about renewing ourselves. We renew our thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. It's a time of new beginnings, of actions, and saying goodbye to the old and making room for the new. This is an excellent time for growth, fertility, and blessings."

Shirie then passed out little plastic bags to everyone present. Everyone got a little giddy when we realized she was handing out candy -- an assortment of jelly beans and a little candy rabbit. Naturally she had to tell us more than once NOT to snarf down the candy immediately.

As she passed out the candy, Shirie said "Behold, little jelly eggs! Why eggs? Because they are small symbols of the season. They represent the consecration of life and the new potential of Spring!"

After everyone had their own bad of candy to drool over, Shirie continued: "When I name a color, pull the jelly bean of that color out and hold it up in the air. Then I'll say a blessinf for that color, you'll all yell the color out, and then we eat. Got it?"

"Got it!" we all responded enthusiastically.

"Blessed be the Yellow - that brings us clear communication, playfulness, and inspiration. Yellow!"

"Yellow!" we echoed. Followedy immediately by "yum" sounds filling the glen.

"Blessed be the Red - that brings us courage, strength, and passion. Red!"


"Blessed be the Purple - that is our connection to the Gods. Purple!"


"Blessed be the Orange - symbol of vitality and energy. Orange!"


"Blessed be the Green - that brings us growth and good health. Green!"


"Blessed be the Pink - the color that stands for self-love. Pink!"

"Pink!" ("'Self love'? Woo hoo!" "Hey, save it for Beltane!")

"Blessed be the Blue - the color of emotions and our connection to one another. Blue!"


"Blessed be the White - that is made up of ALL colors. So you may pull from it whatever you wish. So think about it... and eat it!"


Then Shirie held up the only bit of candy left -- the rabbit.

"The maiden goddess of spring, Eostre, had a consort rabbit," Shirie said. "Rabbits are often a symbol of fertility and an abundance of life for obvious reasons. Eostre loved her rabbit so much. So we ingest this symbol of the rabbit. So we may be like the rabbit and worthy of the love of Eostre. So she may provide for us an abundance of blessings! So Mote It Be!"

"So Mote It Be!" all responded, munching their rabbits happily.